Just a couple of thoughts on filler. What I have found to be best is Putty-Cote by Dynatron. It is a two part filler. You mix a hardener with it to activate. You can use standard lightweight body filler also known as Bondo. I like the Putty Cote better because I feel I get a better surface finish. One thing you don't want to use is the one part Glazing and Spot Putty as shown on the right. This is also known as Red Lead. It is basically a very thick primer that does not get very hard when cured. It take over night to dry and does not have the best adhesion. Using the Putty-Cote you can be sanding in 15 to 20 minutes.

Here is the second application. The lower stock is in very good condition and will not take much filler. The top stock is getting a skim coat down the whole parting. It also had an abundance of pin holes that needed to be filled.

Here is a view after the third application. The parting line is good but there were some pin holes on the bottom.

As you can see the parting line of this style of stock takes a bunch of work. It will take about 4 application before I have it the way I want it. Several thin coats are better than one thick one. You will find that over time a really thick coat will shrink.

Almost done. At this point I will have all surfaces block sanded to 180 grit ready for primer application.


Ready for primer.

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"Stripping and Prep"

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