1986 Ninja ZX600 A
Round 2

The second 86 Ninja project was another Ebay purchase. You can see it leaves a little to be desired aesthetically but it was mostly complete.

This is the second installment of the 600 Ninja saga. The first one can be found here >>>

Previous owner stated it over heated and he just parked it. It was a gamble but I could always part it out. 10 hour round trip to pick it up.

Original Ebay Pics

Now for the best part. The custom painted windscreen!!

Initial inspection revealed a SuperTrapp exhaust, rear tire, brakes, chain and sprockets all looked OK and did not need replacing.  Front tire will have to be replaced before long. Fork seals are leaking also.

Put it on the battery charger and it fired up. Kept running only with the choke on.

The cooling fan was wired to a toggle switch and the temperature gauge wire that goes to sensor was attached to ground which made the gauge go full hot all the time. I am not sure how they knew when to turn on the fan.

Since the parts bike had a running engine that I knew was Ok I pulled the thermostat housing with sensor and thermostat and put them on the new bike. New o-rings for all the cooling pipes (#114's) sealed it up. I ripped out all the wiring for the toggle switch and reconnected the sensors the way they should be.

Pulled the carbs to clean. Had Dynojet 124 mains with the needle clips in slot 3 so I guess this is Stage 2 Jet kit. Cleaned the mains, pilots, and all passageways. Also had a K&N air filter.

Changed the plugs, oil and filter. Had spark arcing from plug boots so I replaced all 4. After that it runs out good. Have put a 100 or so miles on it so far. Cooling fan cycles like it should and does not over heat.

Slowly transferring parts from the parts bike as I need them. Clutch lever, pegs, chain guard so far.

Body is pretty rough. I will use the front fairing and side braces from the parts bike. I also used the rear fender eliminator. Tank is clean on the inside but has some pretty good dents. I have a spare that is good on the outside but is pretty rusty. I will try to clean it and save some body work.

Have a solo cowl on it and the front seat recovered with a cover off Ebay. Looks 100% better already.

SuperTrapp muffler only had 1 bolt holding the diffuser discs in. Further inspection showed the nut inserts were gone for the other bolts.

Replaced muffler (used), handle bar, misc small parts etc..

Replaced fork seals and oil, and new/used fornt tire and wheel from ebay.

Flushmount front signals along with smaller rear signals.

Front  fender and solo cowl painted white. Fairing stays red.

White on the tail and sides

White masked off to paint red stripe. This will be masked then the blue put on.

Acid cleaned spare tank to save some body work. Inline fuel filter also installed.

Calling it done!