1985 Ninja ZX600 A - ROUND 3

This is the third Kawasaki Ninja ZX600A I have done. I had 80% of a parts bike with no title so I have been on the lookout for a way to get a title. Cruising Ebay I came across a guy that had parted out a 1985 and had a clear title and rolling frame. Second gear was supposed to be out along with the starter gear. $46.99 later it was mine. The engine out of the bike I had ran good except it had the tip of an intake vale worn through so my plan was to take swap the head off the "new" bike onto my original engine. When I got there to pick up the bike the guy was just starting to part out an 1989 that ran good. Long story short I came home with that engine, electrical, exhaust, starter, etc.... for $50. So the new plan is to swap the 1989 engine into the 1985 "new" bike and use all the left over parts I had from my parts bike to finish it off.


Original ebay pic of titled bike on the left and mine on the right. I had the old bike stripped down and the small parts stored.

Engine swapped out and starting to take inventory.

Sorting our parts and taking inventory.

This is the engine with the supposedly bad second gear. I have the head off and it looks good. I have a good head plus I have another engine that runs good but needs a valve because it is worn at the adjuster. So in the end I have a complete spare engine that will only need a head gasket to complete.

Sprockets were not too bad but chain was shot (rusted solid).

Went with one tooth down in the front and plus two in the rear. (JT rear sprocket) Stock was 15/39 so I am now 14/41.

 1989 engine did not have oil cooler. The only difference is the oil pan is drilled and tapped for the cooling lines so for the cost of a new pan gasket I put the 1985 oil pan on and can run the original oil cooler.

Mixing and matching between bike I came up with a set of tires and wheels that are good. Had to switch the best rear tire off of  a bad rim so that was good excuse to buy a static balancer. Saved money mounting the tire myself to pay for the balance.

Starting body work.


Purchased a used front fairing. The one I had was mission pieces and it would have been a difficult repair. The new one only had one crack the I welded up. Bought an airless plastic welder off ebay and this was the first repair I did. Works better that a soldering gun with a flat tip.